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AAC Submission on the Bill to Repeal the EEO Program
The Council supports the bill to repeal the EEO program, explaining that it had been an unnecessary increase in red tape in an industry already focused on improving and maintaining energy efficiency.
AAC Submission on the Coastal Shipping Options Paper
This submission outlines the Council's preference for a repeal of the Coastal Trading Act and highlights the importance of ensuring conditions help in providing safe, flexible and cost-effective shipping for the industry.
AAC Submission on the RET Review 2014
In this submission, the Council puts forward the view that the RET had not reduced greenhouse emissions and had disproportionately affected the aluminium industry.
AAC Submission on the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper
The AAC responds to the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper.
AAC Submission to the Energy White Paper - Issues Paper
This submission discusses the challenges and issues facing Australian Aluminium Council members in Australian energy markets. 
AAC Submission to the East Australian Gas Market Study
The AAC discusses issues with the current Australian domestic gas market.
AAC Submission on Carbon Price Repeal
The submission comments on the Repeal of the Carbon Tax Consultation Paper and expresses the importance of attempting to have repeal legislation passed before 30th June 2014.
AAC Submission on the RET Review

In response to the release of the issues paper for the Climate Change Authority’s review of the Renewable Energy Target. This submission is made on behalf of Australia’s aluminium industry.

AAC submission on the JCP Regulations

This letter contains a number of specific comments on the Draft Regulations. In addition, we have included an attachment that covers issues with the Clean Energy Future legislation and the policy in general which we believe have not been satisfactorily resolved and should be amended before the policy comes into force.

AAC submission to Joint Select Committee on the Clean Energy Future legislation

The submission is specific to the current stage of the policy development process. There are a number of significant elements of the policy to which we object and have been consistently seeking changes. For consistency, we have covered these aspects in the attachment.