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Gas pressures put squeeze on alumina

The current state of Australia’s natural gas markets is squeezing out investment opportunities for the Australian alumina refining industry – an industry that includes some of the country’s largest users of natural gas.

AAC Releases 2011 Sustainability Report

The Australian Aluminium Council (AAC) today released its 2011 Sustainability Report. The report provides details on the performance of Australia’s bauxite, alumina and aluminium industry over the 12 months to 31 December 2011.

Download the report: Sustainability Report 2011 

Rio Tinto Alcan - Ship sensor a world-first for Reef preservation research

A landmark three-year, $1 million research project, announced today by Rio Tinto Alcan, CSIRO and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, will be the first of its kind to monitor ocean chemistry along the length of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park...

Aluminium Council Releases 2010 Sustainability Report

The Australian Aluminium Council (AAC) today released its 2010 Sustainability Report. The report provides details on the performance of Australia’s aluminium industry for the year ended 31 December 2010 and is available from

Government locks in costs blow-out for Australian Aluminium producers
Today’s carbon pricing announcement will hit Australia’s aluminium industry many times harder than our overseas competition and will make Australian producers pay a higher carbon cost for years to come...
Aluminium Industry at Risk Under a Carbon Price
Efficient and competitive Australian alumina and aluminium operations are at risk of leakage under a carbon price, according to data released today by Australia’s producers...
Aluminium Industry Rejects Minister's Claims
The aluminium industry has immediately rejected suggestions from the Minister for Climate Change that the impact of a carbon price on the industry would be minor...
Alcoa of Australia’s Alan Cransberg appointed President of the AAC
The Board of the Australian Aluminium Council has appointed Mr Alan Cransberg (Managing Director, Alcoa of Australia) as President. Mr Cransberg replaces Mr Steve Hodgson following his departure from Rio Tinto Alcan...
Australian Industry Needs a Level Playing Field
The Australian Aluminium Council has emphasised the need for measures to maintain the competitiveness of Australian industry in any Australian carbon policy, given the lack of progress shown at Copenhagen
Australian aluminium industry joins the international industry's call for cooperation on climate change
The Australian Aluminium Council supports the International Aluminium Institute's call for negotiators at the UNFCCC Copenhagen Climate Change meeting to include industry in its discussions. Doing so will ensure that the significant and long‐term task of addressing climate change will be based on a bottom up approach that encourages participation at all levels.