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Australian Aluminium Council calls for Further Consultation on the Renewable Energy Target (RET)
Today, at the Senate Inquiry into Climate Policy, the Australian Aluminium Council said that the recently announced COAG position on RET only went part of the way towards addressing specific aluminium industry concerns.
Australian Aluminium Council welcomes White Paper but remains concerned over decay in assistance
The Australian Aluminium Council (AAC) welcomed the release of the Government's White Paper on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), whilst recognising that there was still some way to go on key issues such as the rate of assistance (decay rate) and how future electricity supply contracts are considered under the scheme.
Australian Aluminium Council Appoints Miles Prosser as Executive Director
The Australian Aluminium Council has appointed Mr Miles Prosser as Executive Director. In announcing the appointment, AAC President Mr Steve Hodgson (Rio Tinto Alcan) said the AAC Board was very pleased that Miles would be joining the Council at a time of significant opportunity and challenge for the industry.
Rio Tinto Alcan's Steve Hodgson takes over as president of the Australian Aluminium Council
The Australian Aluminium Council has appointed Mr Steve Hodgson (President & Chief Executive Officer - Bauxite and Alumina, Rio Tinto Alcan) as president. Mr Hodgson replaces Mr John Marlay following his retirement as CEO of Alumina Limited.
AAC Comments on Per Capita Case study -'Full-Cost Economics of Climate Change Adaptation'
The Case Study by Per Capita's David Hetherington on the 'Full-Cost Economics of Climate Change Adaptation' on behalf of their research partner the Australian Worker's Union makes an important contribution to the debate in identifying the impact for Australia from the introduction of climate change policies in terms of lost employment due to investment moving off-shore.
Aluminium industries support Asia-Pacific Partnership goals to advance clean industrial development.
The aluminium industries within the six member countries of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate have pedged to work together to achieve the partnership's objectives.
Technology partnerships on winning track
Boosting Australia's position on climate change, countries representing half of the world's economy have strongly endorsed a draft work plan to be considered at the first ministerial council meeting of the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate in January of 2006.
Minister endorses technology pathway.
Australia's Minister for the Environment, Ian Campbell, has told delegates at the United Nations climate change negotiations currently underway in Montreal that technology offers the best pathway for delivering sustainable abatement of greenhouse gas emissions.
Korea backs Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate
The Deputy Director General of the Lorean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dr. Shin, has told observers at the Climate Change Conference in Montreal that the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate will result in tangible and practical outcomes.
Minister on right technology pathway.
Ministerial talks at the Climate Change Conference will be dominated by the debate over how to develop and deploy the technology that delegates agree is the key to combating greenhouse gas emissions.