Tomago Aluminium

Construction on Tomago Aluminium began in 1981. At the time of first production, it was the world’s first large-scale AP18 plant in the world, with two potlines and an annual production capacity of about 240,000 tonnes.

In 1991, the plant was expanded, with a third potline and additional facilities completed and operational in early 1993. The expansion increased annual output by 140,000 tonnes and created 150 new positions at the smelter and about 750 in the greater region.

Stage 2 of this project involved the extension of Potlines 1 and 2 and was completed in December 1998.

In 2001 Tomago Aluminium received Development Approval for the AP22 project, a $200million conversion to AP22 technology. The project involved the re-engineering of the pots to run at greater capacity and bring the smelter’s output to 530,000 tonnes annually. Since 2007 Tomago Aluminium has been incrementally increasing the output.

Tomago Aluminium Owners:

  • Gove Aluminium Finance Ltd (36.05%)
  • Pechiney Pacific Limited (Subsidiary of Alcan Inc of Canada) (36.05%)
  • Cathjoh Holdings Pty Ltd (Subsidiary of Alcan Inc of Canada) (15.50%)
  • Hydro Aluminium Australia Limited (Subsidiary of Norsk Hydro ASA of Norway) (6.20%)
  • Hydro Aluminium Tomago, Inc. (Subsidiary of Norsk Hydro ASA of Norway) (6.20%)

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