Climate Change

The Australian aluminium industry shares the view that climate change is one of the highest priority sustainability issues for the industry globally as well as here in Australia.

The industry has shown the way through its commitment to and achievement of significant reductions in our direct greenhouse gas emissions.

The Australian industry has also shown itself as a leader in energy efficiency and in reducing the emissions intensity of its final primary metal product.

Our record in delivering reductions in emissions via technology, innovation and investment has been amply demonstrated in the voluntary Australian Greenhouse Challenge Plus program.

As a founding member of the Greenhouse Challenge program, the AAC has a powerful greenhouse emissions data base for all Australian alumina and aluminium production since 1990 and has provided a very strong platform for understanding and gaining experience in measuring and reporting greenhouse emissions for the sector.

With the introduction of mandatory reporting for major emitters and the commencement of a national emissions trading scheme from 2010, the involvment of our industry will take on additional intensity and management involvement.

Greenhouse performance will become a critical factor in the future financial viability of many companies and the economic performance of Australia.

All bauxite, alumina and aluminium production facilities are covered under the Australian Energy Efficiency Opportunity Program.