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This page has been put together to help teachers educate their students about the aluminium industry.

Listed below are links to external websites with education sections that cover various topics and aspects of the industry through activities, quizzes and games.

Alufoil online game on the EAFA website
This online game encourages to think about and identify every-day household objects that contain aluminium foil. Points are awarded for correctly identified items and points are deducted for incorrect answers.

Learning Areas on the Alcoa Australia website
This section of the Alcoa Australia website has been designed to align information, activities and education resources about Australian operations to key curriculum learning areas.
The section contains an extensive list of activities under science, society and environment, english, maths, and technology and enterprise.

Education Centre on the QAL website
This section of the QAL website has been designed with a focus on science. The activities listed contain a good variety of hands on experiments - from growing crystals to analysing students' environmental impacts at home.