The Australian Aluminium Council has joined the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI).  The ASI was launched in 2012 to foster greater sustainability and transparency throughout the aluminium industry.  You can find out more about the ASI here.

Article: Yes we ‘can’, trendy American craft brewers say – “advantages of canning over bottling…include lighter weight and portability as well as the ability of aluminum cans to keep sunlight from sullying the beer far better than glass.”

Video: Ford’s aluminium alloy truck bed vs. traditional steel“the 2015 Ford F-150 takes on top athletes pummeling it with projectiles”

Ford Motor Company’s US Ford F-150 aluminium alloy truck bed shows up the more traditional steel truck bed after coming out cleaner when hit with hockey pucks, golf balls, shot puts and more.

Video: Apple’s “Making the all-new Mac Pro”

Apple is well-known for using aluminium.  Aluminium is a strong, smooth and relatively lightweight metal.  It is efficient in conducting heat into the surrounding environment, keeping internal electronics cool, and is soft enough to allow precision fitting during the manufacturing process.