AAC Submission on the Preliminary Report of the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market

The Review comes at a critical time for the Australian aluminium industry.  Aluminium is an electricity-intensive industry facing difficult global market conditions.  The Australian aluminium industry directly employs or engages more than 15,000 people, in well paid, stable and skilled jobs; and indirectly sustains the livelihoods of many more, predominantly as the largest employer in certain regional areas – such as Portland, Launceston, the Hunter Valley, Gladstone, Western Cape York Peninsula and south-west Western Australia.

AAC Submission on the Draft Report on Australia’s Climate Policy Options

This submission is provided in two parts – a response to some statements in the Climate Change Authority’s draft report; and answers to some of the specific questions posed.  Both parts focus on Chapter 5 of the draft report: “Addressing international competitiveness concerns”.

Our main concern is that Australian alumina refineries and aluminium smelters compete directly for markets and investment with facilities in other jurisdictions that are unlikely to face carbon costs for many years.

AAC Submission on the Draft Safeguard Mechanism Rule 2015

The Australian Aluminium Council (AAC) believes that any policy approach to climate change should not harm the competitiveness of Australian businesses and industry – this intent had been affirmed by the Government in earlier stages of emissions reduction policy development.
However, we are concerned that the proposed safeguard mechanism rules do not deliver on this intention.