AAC Position on Climate Change Policy

AAC Climate Change Policy Principles

Australia’s greenhouse emissions reduction policy should be designed to prevent international distortions in production, particularly in those industries where Australia has demonstrated global leadership. Australian producers should not be burdened with significant costs not borne by competing international producers.

The Australian Aluminium Council supports the following principles that are designed to facilitate a response to the challenge of climate change without significantly damaging the international competitiveness of the Australian alumina and aluminium industry.

  • The most appropriate response to climate change is a globally consistent approach, which would include a globally consistent price on carbon;
  • In the absence of a global approach, Australian policy must preserve the international competitiveness of Australian industries and the economic and social dividends they deliver.
  • Australian climate change policy should be applied in a consistent manner across jurisdictions.
  • Any carbon price must not materially disadvantage Australian industry against its international competitors.
  • Australian climate policy should appropriately credit the considerable work already undertaken in many sectors to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions