Global Sustainability

The IAI is the Global Forum of the world’s Aluminium Producers. The Institute has 27 Member companies and together the IAI Member Companies are represented for more than 80% of world primary aluminium production.

The IAI represents aluminium and alumina producers worldwide and its key objectives are to:

  • Increase the market for aluminium by enhancing world-wide awareness of its unique and valuable qualities.
  • Provide the global forum for aluminium producers on matters of common concern and liaising with regional and national aluminium associations to achieve efficient and cost effective co-operation.
  • Identify issues of relevance to the production, use and recycling of aluminium and promoting appropriate research and other action concerning them.
  • Encourage and assisting continuous progress in the healthy, safe and environmentally sound production of aluminium.
  • Collect statistical and other relevant information and communicating it to the industry and its principle stakeholders.
  • Communicate the views and positions of the aluminium industry to international agencies and other relevant parties.

Through the IAI, the aluminium industry aims to promote a wider understanding of its activities and demonstrate its responsibility in relation to all key sustainability issues – environmental, health, safety and recycling.

The IAI website is an excellent resource for information on the global aluminium industry. Please follow the link to the publications section of the IAI website.