Information for Teachers

This page has been put together to help teachers educate their students about the aluminium industry.

Listed below are links to external websites with education sections that cover various topics and aspects of the industry through activities, quizzes and games.

Alufoil Website Facts about Foil
This section of the Alufoil website gives facts about Aluminium Foil.  There are also other sections about Sustainability and Recycling, Markets and Cuisine.

Teaching Resources on the Learning Aluminium UK website
This section of the Learning Aluminium website has been designed to provide free resources to support aluminium education.

Student Educational resources on the Aluminum Association website
This section of the Aluminum website has been designed to provide cool facts and cool science project ideas.

Educational Resources on the Think Cans website
Think Cans aims to provide teachers with a range of interactive resources to help develop lessons about aluminium and environmental sustainability.  In addition, parents and those involved in learning away from the classroom will find a wealth of resources to engage children on the role aluminium plays in the world today.

Links & Resources on CMI website
The Can Manufacturers Institute is dedicated to educating and informing the public about this important industry.  This page includes links to a wealth of useful resources.

Factsheet about Resources from Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources