List of Members

Current Members

Members of the Australian Aluminium Council include bauxite mines, alumina refineries, aluminium smelters, extruders and distributors, as well as organisations associated with the industry. For more information on Australian operations go to

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  • Alcoa of Australia
  • Queensland Alumina Limited
  • Portland Aluminium
  • Alumina Limited
  • Ullrich Aluminium
  • Rusal
  • Tomago Aluminium

Join Us

The Australian Aluminium Council welcomes membership from producers, extruders, distributors and industry partners. The Council is an incorporated, not-for-profit association. Our members determine the direction of our policy responses and the Executive Director is responsible for managing activities, administration, finances and implementing policy.

The Council has three levels of committees which enable Members to interact and engage on various issues:

  • Board – The Board meets at least twice a year and oversees the operation of Council;
  • Executive Committee – The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year and informs the strategic direction of the Council; and
  • Panels – Panels are membership-based committees established to deal with long-term issues in order to access technical expertise from members. Panel topics include energy, climate policy and health, among others.

The Council has a tiered membership structure based on the size and nature of the operation. To find out more about how to become a member of the Council, send us an email


The Australian Aluminium Council itself is not a supplier of any bauxite, alumina or aluminium products. For a list of producers and distributors within Australia go to