Australian Alumina

There are six alumina refineries operating in Australia producing mostly smelter grade alumina for both the domestic and export markets. Australia alumina production in 2022 was 20.3 million tonnes. Australia maintained its position as the second largest producer of alumina and the world’s largest exporter, with 16 Mt exported in 2022.

The six Australian alumina refineries are:

To learn more about the alumina refining process go to our Alumina Refining Chart.

The Council also represents other relevant parts of the industry such as producers of High Purity Alumina (HPA).

HPA is a high-purity – 99.99% or higher – form of aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Increasing the purity of alumina to 99.99% or higher to make HPA takes alumina into applications in a new world of technologies – making safer, more efficient and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries, LED lighting and synthetic sapphire for smartphones and other devices. And the applications for HPA in low carbon markets are growing, making HPA one of the critical minerals of the future.

HPA Projects in Australia include:

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