Australian Bauxite

There are currently six bauxite mines in Australia providing feedstock for the six alumina refineries and the export market. These alumina refineries, in turn, supply alumina to the four Australian aluminium smelters. Australia is the world’s largest producer of bauxite. In 2021, Australian bauxite production was 101 million tonnes (Mt). 39.6 Mt of bauxite was exported, and the remainder converted to Australian alumina.

The Australian bauxite mines are:

Australian bauxite deposits have high grades and are shallow and relatively easy to mine. To learn more about the bauxite mining process go to our Bauxite Mining Chart. The quality of Australian bauxite means there are a number of small new mines either operating or in the exploration and approvals phase in Australia including:

In 2018, the Australian Aluminium Council, together with the International Aluminium Institute and the Brazilian Aluminium Association, co-authored the Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines, (updated Feb22) which aim to share the expertise learned from decades of sustainable mining practices in Australia with the global industry.

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