Mineral’s Council of Australia – 30 Things: The Futurist Edition

September 05, 2022

Australia’s Mining industry produces the minerals essential for our everyday lives.  Mobile phones, solar panels, modern medicine and electric vehicles are all minerals intensive.  Increasing demand for raw materials will not only require more mining but also safe, more productive and sustainable mining.

Following the success of the MCA’s 2019 publication, 30 Things, a guide to the minerals and metals essential for modern life, The Futurist Edition takes a peek into the future and the raw materials critical to the technologies at our fingertips, and on the cusps of our imaginations.

From quantum computing to smart housing, space exploration to cloud robotics, and even flying taxis – the research, materials and mechanics of emerging technologies would not be possible without Australia’s high quality minerals and the world-class workforce that mines them.

30 Things: The Futurist Edition