Rio Tinto Brief on Decarbonising Australian Alumina Refineries

August 02, 2023

Aluminium has a vital role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy — as a lightweight metal in vehicles, and to upgrade energy grids and renewable energy infrastructure. Finding better ways to produce low-carbon raw materials needed for a low-emission aluminium value chain is key to a net-zero future.

As part of Rio Tinto’s commitment to enhanced climate advocacy and transparency, they’re publishing a series of briefing papers about their key emissions sources, efforts to decarbonise specific assets, and how policy settings can support their Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction targets. Read the first of these briefing papers on decarbonisation of their Australian alumina refineries. They outline the technology developments and process changes they’re pursuing to produce low-emissions alumina economically and efficiently.

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