The Australian aluminium industry is committed to maintaining and developing a sustainable industry that benefits Australia.

The purpose of our sustainability data is to show how our industry is using physical resources and reducing the impacts of that use, what we are producing, what happens to it and what are the by-products from our activities. We also want to show how we are managing these outputs and reducing negative aspects of the production processes and, importantly, to show the recycing attributes and contribution of aluminium metal.

The Australian industry has participated in the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) global sustainable development initiative, which recognises that governments and communities want to know how aluminium production affects their environment and their society.

We recognise the need for a balance between economic, social and environmental factors. As our Australian industry seeks to create value for its shareholders, we must recognise the legitimate interests of other stakeholders: employees, local/regional communities, customers, suppliers and society at the national level.

Aluminium is delivering the products sought by society – and is sustainable. We need to show that we are contributing to this outcome and that our performance is continuing to improve.