IAI Aluminium Sector Greenhouse Gas Pathways to 2050

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) have published the most comprehensive GHG emissions reductions pathways available to the aluminium sector over the next three decades. Aluminium Sector Greenhouse Gas Pathways to 2050, draws on IAI’s unrivalled data and leading analysis of the global aluminium industry. It has taken over two years to arrive at this – thanks to IAI members and regional associations who worked collaboratively to discover and articulate the most realistic and credible technological pathways for 2050 sector-wide emissions reduction in line with IEA scenarios. The IAI has identified three broad pathways for emissions reduction while meeting growing demand:

Pathway 1 – Electricity decarbonisation

Pathway 2 – Direct emissions reduction

Pathway 3 – Recycling & resource efficiency

Achieving the reduced emissions required while meeting increasing demand will take sector-wide and inter-sectoral partnerships but crucially, investment will be the critical enabler for a low carbon aluminium sector by 2050.

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