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May 30, 2023 / Media Releases, Members News, News

Alcoa announces Aluminium Stewardship Initiative certification for Portland Aluminium Joint Venture

Alcoa announced today that the Portland Aluminium joint venture in Victoria, Australia, which Alcoa operates,...
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Fast Facts

  1. Australia is the world's largest producer of bauxite.
  2. The industry contributes around $14B in exports to the economy every year.
  3. Australia is the world’s second largest producer of alumina.
  4. The industry provides employment for more than 19,000 people and provides income for another 60,000 families.
  5. Reduction cells (or pot) in a smelter is replaced every 5-6 years. So, while the smelter may be decades old, the components are not.
Read this Factbook for more information.

Australian Aluminium Industry

Click through this interactive flow chart to see more details about the phases of the aluminium industry in Australia.